China Oil Gangran Energy Group's superior environmental technology

Professionals concluded the following results from repeated demonstration of the converted Ganfuzhouhuo 0608 Vessel that is located at the Ganjiang River Basin and owned by China Oil Gangran Energy Group:

1. Energy saving: a vessel may save 9.34 tons of standard coals after applying diesel-LNG hybrid technology, based on the assumption of an annual consumption of 60 tons diesel per vessel.

2. Environment-friendly: after the conversion, the emissions of sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxides can be reduced by 70%, 35% and 18%, respectively. The particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions are significantly lowered down due to an obvious drop of smoke intensity. The overall emission reduction performance of this project goes better than the stipulated national environmental protection standards as shown in demonstration.

3. Economical benefits: the cost can be reduced by around 30% with application of dual fuels as the price of LNG is lower than that of diesel. A 2,000 ton vessel which may consume 60 ton diesel each year can save up to 100,000-150,000 RMB a year in terms of fuel cost if diesel-LNG hybrid technology is employed. Therefore this technology gets sound recognition and praise from vessel users.

4. Safety: the project has passed the safety evaluation by China Academy of Safety Science and Technology.

5. Power: when using diesel-LNG hybrid fuel, the diesel supply reduces by 70% under the same situation, and the maximum explosive pressure is slightly lower than the diesel value with the equivalent power. Therefore, the power performance of the hybrid fuel utilization can meet the need of pushing engines for vessels.

6. Prolonging engine life: when using diesel-LNG hybrid fuel, the wear and tear of the cylinder and piston are lowered by reduction of the heat load of the diesel, the exhaust smoke and the carbon deposition inside the cylinder. Compared with the diesel utilization, the temperature of the exhaust duct after burning, and the maximum explosive pressure and noise of the cylinder are all lower, thus it helps to prolong the engine life.