China Oil Gangran Energy Group Holdings Limited (“China Oil Gangran”, or together with its subsidiaries, “the Group”, stock code: 08132.HK, formerly known as Fairson Holdings Limited), is headquartered in Hong Kong and its shares are listed and traded in the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Incorporated in 2014, the Group is an investment holding company engaged in diversified business segments, including the development of liquefied natural gas (“LNG”), compressed natural gas and clean energy related business. Through its JV company, Jiangxi China Oil Gangran Energy Technology Company Limited, it holds patented technology for converting diesel-powered vessels to LNG-powered. Since mid-2015, the subsidiary has leased bunker barges in the Yangtze River, Gan River and Poyang Lake basins to develop its refined oil business. More recently, it has formed a wholly-owned subsidiary in Jilin province, by setting up primary gas and LNG gas stations, to seek new channels for natural gas sales and to spearhead gas and oilfields exploitations. Furthermore, it has started trading methyl tert-buyl ether, a gasoline additive to reduce emissions of automobiles.

The Group’s clean energy business is closely attuned to the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) of China, which encourages LNG utilization in the country’s waterborne transportation sector, among the other environmental policies introduced. Under this advantageous policy circumstance, it will leverage on Hong Kong’s international capital platform and integrate its management capabilities with the abundant energy resources and its partners’ advanced technologies to build significant industrial chain merits.

The Group also engages in the production and sales of power and data cords for mobile phones and medical control devices as well as power cords and inlet sockets for household electric appliances, for domestic sales and exports to the United States. To tap China’s burgeoning mobile accessories market, the Group, through its subsidiary 3 Dynamics, to enter into mobile gaming apps development, along with programming, website services and mobile marketing solutions.

Embracing a “New Mindset, New Strategy, New Energy and New Development” vision, the Group stands ready to capture the promising business opportunities from the latest market trends and policy evolutions with ambition and prudence. With the terrific rollout of China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative, the Group expects to explore new markets and new business potentials to broaden and diversify its revenue streams.